Did your child lose someone? How could you help?

Experiencing and processing loss is painful, we may re-evaluate and reconsider a lot of things. Our faith is challenged, priorities are shifted. It’s a difficult but personality-forming period.

We have compiled a material that helps to talk, play, let go and get relief in this difficult period. With answers to give, when you have no answer for your child. Stress-relieving exercises, uplifting nursery rhymes, soul-healing stories and recipes, and EQ-enhancing emotion cards for when there are no words left but pointing to a bunny as a way of recognising your feelings is just enough. We are giving all of that to you now.

You can download our digital material right after purchase and you can start using it right away!

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Is your child afraid that you might die some day?

Have you lost a close family member recently?

Has your child ever mourned for a beloved pet?

Does the child have a hard time processing moving to a new place?

Still missing the old friends from nursery/school?

This is hard to experience as a parent.

It’s difficult to not always know what to do.

We can help and make it easier for you.

We put together a digital material that will benefit not only you and your child, once you buy it.

The “Reményvirág Program” (in English: Flower of Hope Program)

helps children and families who have experienced loss.

You can help them with your purchase.



serious questions and answers


helping practices


nursery rhymes giving relief


relieving games


comforting recipes


soul-healing folk tales


emotion cards with bunny drawing

Download our bonus stories!

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    The first serious loss can be a lost rag doll. A stuffed animal left on a bench. Maybe a little bird crashed against your window. Or you have to say goodbye to the beloved family cat or dog. Graduation from the nursery or school. And yes, sometimes we have to process losing our close family members.

    Little children relate to death in a special way. They process it step by step, they might cry, they might laugh. They will be afraid of potential further losses and they will definitely be anxious. Who will answer their questions according to their age? How can the family mourn together?

    Because you are also there all along.
    Because you are also mourning.
    And still, the child needs attention, tears must be wiped and even things impossible to process must be processed.

    We compiled a digital material for you:

    • Which gives specific answers to specific questions and helps you in finding the optimal solution for difficult situations. Which takes you along a process that is not easy for you either.
    • It will provide you with numerous simple exercises, useful games, nursery rhymes and healing stories. Different solutions for different situations.
    • Healing thought for yourself as well. Because you can only help your child if you are also making progress on the route of processing the losses.
    • Losses can be celebrated as well. Maybe with a shared meal. We have some suggestions for that, recipes for “comforting dishes” you can prepare and eat together.

    People who have been using the program told us

    Children’s grief gives answers.
    • Can you help your child when there is a death in the family?
    • How can you answer even unspoken questions?
    • How can a child accept loss?
    • Are there any relieving and relaxing games and exercises that could help
    What does the package contain?
    First of all, an e-book with lots of useful content.
    • We go through the most important questions and answers on the topics of mourning and loss.
    • We also discuss unsettling thoughts that might cross children’s minds, for example what happens to the body and what happens to the soul, whether we can cry in front of the child, may we take the child to a funeral or to the graveyard.
    • 10 exercises that help remembering.
    • 10 nursery rhymes that have instant stress-relieving and cathartic effect.
    • 3 games that put a smile on the sad little faces.
    • 5 recipes from ingredients that might help through important family rituals for such times.
    You may also download
    • STORY BOOK, with 15 special folk tales helping to process grief and accept loss.
    • BUNNY CARDS, with 42 bunny figures expressing different emotions. EQ-developing emotion cards help children to show how they feel even if they cannot put it into words.



    EUR 39


    EUR 17

    Your purchase also helps to provide spiritual support for a family experiencing loss.

    You help with every purchase

    By buying the program you also support spiritual help for a family that experienced loss.

    The project that operates within the framework of the Napfogyatkozás Egyesület (in English: Eclipse Association) offers help and support for one of the most private and most difficult issues: children mourning for their close relative lost.

    Most of the times neither the parents nor the specialist have a specific way to help children in processing their loss.

    The “Reményvirág Program” (in English: Flower of Hope Program) gives support for processing loss based on a Finnish method in peer groups for impacted children, by holding thematised sessions, handicrafts and a lot of games. In addition to the children this also supports parents, furthermore it realises sensitising trainings on demand of the professionals working with families in the field of education, social and health services.

    It’s important that impacted families and professionals working with them have free access to help.

    Hungarian society treats the subject of death as a taboo even among adults. Children are often left alone with their grief, since the educational system has less knowledge about the specific features of children’s grief. This is why the Flower of Hope Program is important.


    We cannot spare them all the losses.
    We cannot always be wise instead of them.
    We don’t know what exactly happens in their souls.

    But you are a wonderful parent!
    And we know, that you are the most important person who may support your child at the time of experiencing the loss.
    And we also know that all the material we compiled is going to help you.

    There is no hocus-pocus about this.

    The magical world of being of a magical parent.

    Our author

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