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From Stress to Smile


How can you protect your child’s spiritual health in the middle of a pandemic? Games to ease anxiety, freeing your mind meditations, encouraging tales, quarantine kitchen and dozens of other tips and tricks all brought together in one place.


Children’s grief


Did your child lose someone? How could you help? Stress-relieving exercises, uplifting nursery rhymes, soul-healing stories and recipes, and EQ-enhancing emotion cards for when there are no words left but pointing to a bunny as a way of recognising your feelings is just enough.


Protect Mother Nature


A playful four-week programme for our environment and our planet. 28 playing exercises to encourage your child to protect the Earth.


From stress to smile + Protect Mother Nature


We recommend our two books in a package: 28 days of hands-on practice for the protection and sustainability of our environment, and our complex material to help you get out of child anxiety as soon as possible.