What does climate change mean?

What is the greenhouse effect?

What does sustainable development mean?

How will we know what is happening on Earth?

And what can we do to avoid endangering ourselves?

Your child is an endless source of questions and you would like to provide them with answers.
Download our programme and let’s avoid endangering ourselves together!

Don’t feel sorry if you haven’t the time to tackle ALL 28 playful tasks in our four-week programme!

Make your own plan and select the issues you will actually spend time on with your child in the upcoming four weeks or at any point during the year.

Consider this: even if your family adopts only one suggestion each week, you will be doing so much more than before.


Living plastic-free


Green kitchen fairy

What does the programme look like?

You get a playful four-week programme.

Each week has an overall theme and each day has a tip to make your household more eco-friendly.

This means that you get 28 playful tasks which look like this:

We begin with a bit of theory, which is important to know for you and your child.

You get a daily task and suggestions how to complete these tasks.

You also get some additional tips.

And at the end of every section you will have the chance to make notes or document your progress with photos or drawings.

The tasks can be completed within the 28-day period or at your own pace.

We believe that one needs 21 days for something to become a habit. Regularly using our programme will help your thinking to change and use more and more of our tips and solutions in your everyday life.

What else will we give you for free?

A booklet with colouring images and exercises! For the days when you only have energy for something in-between. You will like it!

Take a peek!

Give us your details and take a peek in our book!

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    Why is this programme important?


    • Planet Earth has about 8 billion inhabitants right now.
    • Only today 300 thousand new Earthlings have been born and some 120 thousand have left the planet for good.
    • 21 thousand of those starved to death.
    • Only today 200 million computers and 5 million mobile phones were sold throughout the world.
    • In the meantime 300 million acres of forest were destroyed and 7 million acres of desert have formed this year.
    • About 5.5 million tons of industrial pollutants made their way into the air, water and ground.

    The 8 billion of us – or at the very least those who want to continue our development consciously – can do something each day. We can take a few steps for our planet to remain our habitable home.

    Be clever! Let’s protect Mother Nature together!

    Download our four-week programme!

    And get a booklet with colouring images for free!


    EUR 28


    EUR 14

    And you can do something good for a family living in deep poverty!

    Every purchase helps.

    By downloading the programme, you will adopt a Butterfly Garden.

    In the Butterfly Gardens of the Butterfly Development Association people living in deep poverty are taught about the essentials of gardening.

    This is the only for these families to put fresh produce on their table.

    In the gardens the association shows and teaches how to sow, plant and plan crop rotations. Participants are introduced to mulching and chemical-free pest control. They make a composter together and then learn what to put in it and how to use the compost.

    By the end of each season the new gardeners become able to grow basic vegetables.

    In 2010 the project won the Social Business Idea Award of Nobel Prize-winning economist Muhammad Yunus.

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