How will I receive the product I purchased?

It’s quite simple, you can buy it just like any other product at a webshop. However, you don’t have to wait for the courier, you will receive a password in an email that allows you to enter your personal account, where you will find your own purchases. These contain all the digital materials that you have bought for reading, checking out and trying. You can download them and enjoy them right away.

I really like my book! May I pass it on to my friends?

We are happy if you like the book you are reading! We thank you sincerely for passing on recommendations! We would be happy if you would inform those people who might also be interested in a little Abracadabra.


We have worked a lot on this product and we would like to go on producing more content in the future, but in order to do that we need people who are interested in the content to buy the material, so that we will have the means to keep on launching new product developments. So please do NOT pass on your code to anyone else, keep it to yourself for enjoying the book.

Thank you very much!

I am excited to see the next publication. Will you have other kinds of products too?

We are working hard on the next publication and we promise that it will be super exciting! We have tons of plans and we would like to realise them one by one.

And yes, we have more products on the planning table, even tangible ones, although it will take a little more time to realise them. But we really hope that we can bring you more good news this autumn. We promise that we will keep on expanding our magic world!