First and foremost, I’m a mother. Not a stay-at-home mom but a mother 24/7 nonetheless. I raise a nine-year-old girl and much like everyone I try to balance my job and being a parent. Sometimes 24 hours is not enough and I feel guilt when I have to leave something until the next day. In other words I’m walking a tightrope, but so far I’ve managed without falling off.

I used to be a radio jockey, a segment producer at a tv station, now I’m a PR expert, a marketing consultant and an executive of my company, but I can tell you that the toughest job of all is being a mother.

I try to be the best mom I can. Much like you, I’m sure. It’s an incredible challenge but you know what I’m talking about.

The playing field is a bit uneven for me and I might say more about this in the future. Right now, we’re slap-bang in the middle of the sub-teen era, somewhere between “But I’m still little” and “Mom, I’m a big girl now”.

I know all the songs of Disney princesses by heart, and I can list the differences between the ponies even If you wake me up at two in the morning. We draw and paint for hours based on videos, and daily “chores” include singing and storytelling as well. And do you know what’s the best thing about this period – it’s that she still craves the attention of mom more than anyone else’s. But I know that this won’t last forever, so I appreciate every minute, every second, that I can spend with my daughter.

Is there something in your life that you somehow ended up doing no matter what else you tried?

For me, that something is children. I produced a radio show for kids, I was a camp leader, still today I’m involved with the creation of a musical act for kids, and it’s been eight years since we started a website for mothers, which is also a source of great joy.

I love to be around kids, I love to understand them.

My life was full of changes but I was always open and this helped.

When it comes to raising children, the same openness is what helped me the most, so I’d encourage you to be open! We tried many methods and toys with my daughter, which led to having plenty of valuable experiences.

I realised that these experiences need to be organised and shared. I trust you are open to hear about them.

My personal success story is that by now I have written proof that I’m able to help. As an Access Bars and Consciousness therapist, I’m able to tune in to others, including you. I intend to learn other therapeutic methods so as to be able to help you personally.

We created Abracadabra World to offer you a magic wand. Messages, tips, tricks, ideas designed to help you overcome the cloudy moments of being a great parent. You’re open to it, aren’t you?

There is no magic to this. Perhaps just a little bit of Abracadabra.


Since I became a mother my biggest disappointment is that things aren’t exactly as they were described in the dozens of books I own about child psychology.

I’m exaggerating. Reading them, the whole parenting thing seemed a lot easier.

But does your day lack predictability and that sense of feeling productive?

Mine does. We do have a schedule, of course. Sometimes we can keep it, sometimes we can’t. I could be content with a day when I also manage to take a shower when I need it, cook for my husband and remember to empty the washing machine. Occasionally things work out.

I don’t want to sound like a hapless mom who chases around her misbehaving kid in a stained t-shirt to no avail.

Imagine a working mother who still loves reading books and doing yoga, who is interested in voluntary simplicity and a slow life. Who likes to control things. Are you laughing at me (and with me) yet?

I became a mother at the age of 40. I graduated as a lawyer and was 24 when we founded our communications agency with Judit, who is also my partner at Abracadabra World. Neither of us stopped working when we became parents.

We are, however, the kind of people who like to look for solutions and methods that actually do the trick and help.

It’s a good thing to raise a child in theory and it’s ok to declare things on a theoretical level, citing research based on hundreds of responses, but when you have a question about your own child that you need answered right away, you don’t have time to turn to the literature.

Do you know what always helped me out? The advice of another mother, someone I might not even have known in person.

Tracy lives in Australia and she is an expert in natural parenting. Her entries always reassured me that I’m not the only one with a particular problem.

Amanda and Nicky from New Zealand: I will always be grateful for your sleep programme.

Or Kate, whose revolutionary thoughts on time and energy management came exactly when I needed them.

I joined mother tribes and mom villages. Communities, where I know I can always get quick and practical help.

Abracadabra World was created to help out parents whose days lack predictability, who sometimes feel guilty about their decisions and who like efficiency.

We are all magical parents. That includes you!

And we need some magical tools, games, tips, tricks. We will share these with you and we ask you to share your ideas with us!

There is no hocus pocus. Only Abracadabra. This is the world of magical parenting.