How can you protect your child’s spiritual health in the midst of a pandemic?

The answer: Anxiety-easing games and meditation, encouraging tales, quarantine kitchen and dozens of other tips and tricks, all in the one place.

Did your child ever ask you after a good-night kiss what happens if you get sick?

Have they been annoyed by you reading coronavirus news all day?

Do they miss their friend from kindergarten or school?

Is it difficult to explain why you can’t visit grandma?

Are they full of energy that you can’t deal with in the less exciting environment of your home?

It’s ok to be worried.

It’s ok to be tired.

We will make it easier for you.

We have put together a digital package for you.


games for immediate use

18 pages

of colouring images and exercises


stress-releasing exercises


encouraging tales


healing meditation

31 recipes

and a week-long dietary schedule

Download our gift coloring book

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‘From Stress to Smile’

    The truth is, when the coronavirus emergency started, we thought that it would all last a few weeks and then be over. That everything would pass quickly. Time passes quickly indeed.

    We mothers at Abracadabra World are no strangers when it comes to home office. One of us has a baby and a toddler, while the child of the other is home schooled.


    And we know it’s not easy. It can cause us headaches on how to keep them entertained, how to reorganise the family agenda to have time for everything. And it can still feel like we are running an obstacle course.

    So we wanted to compile a useful guide for you:

    • With fewer theories and more tried and tested and immediately available solutions, handy not only in these times troubled with the coronavirus.
    • Full of games, tales, relaxation exercises, guided meditation, our favourite mantra, which actually works!
    • With plenty of practical ideas about what to cook. By now, you have probably made your favourite food about five times. Perhaps it could help you if someone came up and planned the weekly menu instead of you.
    • A superb coloring book, so while your child is entertained you get a moment to yourself

    This is what those already using our guide have said

    From Stress to Smile will give you an answer to these pressing questions:
    • How to treat your worried child?
    • How can you make them accept uncertainty?
    • How can you keep them entertained?
    • What entertaining games are there to play that also release stress?
    What will you get?
    • In a brief summary we will explain why your child is anxious.
    • Answers to questions that your child may already have asked. Such as what the immune system is or how long this health scare will last.
    • 5 encouraging tales.
    • 40+1 games
    • 8 relaxation exercises.
    • 1 healing meditation that you can read before the afternoon nap or bedtime.
    • Dietary tips good for boosting the immune system and a dietary schedule for a week.
    What else will you get for free?
    • A COOKBOOK with the 31 recipes of the weekly dietary schedule.
    • A COLOURING BOOK with 18 beautiful images and playful exercises, so while your child is entertained you get a moment to yourself or you can finally make that phone call to your friend.


    EUR 45


    EUR 19

    and do some good for the children of the world.

    Every purchase helps

    By downloading our Stress to Smile digital guide, you too will help UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, to provide a week’s worth of therapeutic food for a disadvantaged child.

    Why UNICEF?

    • Because half of the world’s children are inoculated against preventable diseases by UNICEF and its partners. These vaccinations save a life every five minutes.
    • Because the provision of clean drinking water is the most essential thing for keeping healthy and preventing epidemics: the organisation will provide 28.4 million people with clean water this year. Without clean water, nothing will stop the spread of an epidemic.
    • Even at this moment five million malnourished children are waiting for UNICEF’s help.
    • In the current situation, the importance of hygiene cannot be stressed enough: UNICEF, for example, is helping 500,000 people in overcrowded, unsewered shelters for Rohingya and 2 million people in Syrian camps to have access to essential hygiene.
    • For the world to overcome the global pandemic, all epicentres must be eradicated. In the most vulnerable communities, this requires the help of humanitarian organisations.
    • Quarantine increases the chances of conflict and abuse – UNICEF fights all forms of violence and exploitation of children worldwide.


    We don’t know how long this will last.
    We don’t know whether there will be a lock down again.
    We don’t know how long social distancing will be necessary.

    We do know that you’re a magical parent!
    We do know that you are the best thing for your child!
    And we also know that what we put together will help you.

    There is no actual magic involved.

    Just a bit of ABRACADABRA. The magical world of magical parenting.


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