Abracadabra, Sim Sala Bim, child, be good! – oh, how easy it would be to say just this and magically have a behaving and cooperative child. Unfortunately, we weren’t born wizards. Nor are we animal trainers, but sometimes it actually feels like our days are spent trying to convince uncontrollable little creatures to be amenable.

We tame children in the morning, at noon, in the evening with varying degrees of success. Sometimes it goes easier, sometimes it’s incredibly difficult. Whether you admit it or not, every parent goes through phases where they feel helpless, searching for newer and newer ways to make everyday life survivable. This despite the fact that all kids are good. Let’s just establish this fact right now.

There is no greater treasure than a child, no cleaner sheet of paper in the universe. How we fill that paper is very much up to us, adults.

However, most people don’t think of it this way when they see a toddler throwing a fit on the playground, a kid fighting in kindergarten, a backtalker in school, a room not made up, a picky eater, and the list goes on and on. We consider these kids bad, annoying, unmanageable. A child’s behavioral disorder can in small part be attributed to genetics, but it is largely based on what we put in their “luggage” during development. Whether as a fetus, a baby or as an infant, a number of things can happen that – despite the best of intentions – will influence a child’s personality in a less than ideal way. Unfortunately, sometimes there are no good intentions and something breaks deep inside. If we don’t do our very best to try and heal that fracture, they will carry that luggage with them for years, decades or a lifetime to come.

Abracadabra. We cannot promise magic. Or perhaps we can?

We search, research, present and bring to your attention many methods, techniques, practices, experiences that can help you raise a child. Tame a child, if you will.

We intend to be your travel companions on this journey. We are looking forward to your ideas and opinions, and we will use expert help to answer your questions. We offer a place for parents with similar problems to find each other and provide a simple, easily accessible help for everyday issues. In the meantime, it is possible that not only our children will behave better but perhaps, we, the adults caring for them, will become more amenable. Even if we don’t really know what to call it, the fact remains that children also raise and teach their parents.

Abracadabra. Let’s take a minute!

Sometimes we need to get off the treadmill of life, relax, meditate, turn to ourselves and recharge. This comes easily to some, while others need help. And if some adults need help, you can be certain that the children of the Z and Alfa (those born after 2010) generations will also have issues with this. An accelerated world, full of technical innovations, continuous and several stimuli at the same time, multitasking, the ever-increasing speed of information flow and the dominance of social media are fundamentally influencing the lives of children and adolescents.

Who will teach these kids to just be? To contemplate, to meditate, to pay attention to themselves? To slow down in order to feel the vibes around them and to notice the important things?

We try to offer ways that help them become a better person, a responsible thinker, a sentient and acting adult. Because only they can make this a better world to live in!

Abracadabra, Sim Sala Bim!