She is the author of kids’ gastroblog Cutie Pie, a nutrition consultant and recipe developer. She researches healing diets and believes that children’s health can be established through developing proper eating habits. As a mother of three, however, she knows what a challenge it is to reconcile different needs and wants in the family.

For a long time she wasn’t a conscious eater herself, but when she longed for a baby and couldn’t get pregnant because of her autoimmune disease, she embarked on a lifestyle change. More than eight years ago she gave up processed foods, gluten-containing grains, most dairy products and refined sugar. Instead of her previous habits she opted for food as rich in fibre as possible. Since then she has become ten years younger, her hair is shinier, her mind is sharper (there has apparently been some debate about this among her close associates!) and the change in lifestyle has had a big impact on her body. It helped her to become a mother and in turn her children provide her with additional inspiring ideas about good food. Thanks to them she is happy to immerse herself in work around the kitchen.