Unfortunately we had some sad event in our family in the past months. First we lost my grandmother, my son’s beloved great-grandma, and a few weeks ago my father followed her. Dávid loved tinkering and gardening with grandpa, he misses him very much. I have looked and searched for methods and tips that could help him accept grandpa’s passing away somehow, and I knew that I will be the one who can help him best. This book introduced some tools to me that heal my soul as well and help to understand what is going on in my child’s soul. This way it’s easier for me to support my little son in processing the first big loss of his life.


Even as an adult it’s not easy to face the situation when we know exactly that one of our close relatives is saying goodbye to life soon. My children simply could not understand that their dad is very sick and he might pass away any time. I wanted to do everything perfectly, so this publication arrived at the best possible moment. We thank you in the name of all impacted families that you have thought about children’s grief, that you are helping us, adults, who are also feeling down, by showing us the way, to prepare for helping the little ones. Although we are still together, unfortunately we do not have long, so I am already trying to follow your very empathic, yet calm and sober advice. Thank you!


We used to live in a small village and we moved to the city this summer. We have a spacious, beautiful apartment, the new nursery is great too but my daughter is inconsolable. She cries each morning and afternoon, since she misses her old companions and of course her teachers, Nóra and Ági. There was nothing I could do to cheer her up, so I consider myself very lucky that I came across your book! I am glad that you write about losses and mourning not only related to death, since for a little child it’s also a great loss if she loses her old environment and friends. As an adult I know that everything will be all right, but right now these tips and tricks and specific tools are helping us a great deal. And we just love the stories!


We lost our puppy recently due to an unfortunate accident. My second-grade daughter was present when it happened and we drove together to take the dog to the vet, but unfortunately it could not be saved. My daughter took it really hard, since she and the dog had been growing up together since she was a baby, the dog was a member of our family, not only a pet. It could have had some happy years to come, so it was particularly difficult for an 8-year-old to understand what happened. I knew that we needed professional help and I thank you for covering this topic as well. The stories and playful exercises, the nursery rhymes have already helped a lot. We still have a long way to go, so I will keep re-reading it all. This is all a great help to us now!