If I had more time I would read all the books. But I don’t have so much time so I am grateful for instant solutions. It’s been a long time since I have seen so many bright ideas in one bunch, and I will go ahead and use them one by one. There are super bonding games, cool stories and I also love meditation. A special thanks for the great recipes. I am no genius in the kitchen but this guide will make it easier for me too.


My daughters have already grown up but my six-year-old grandchild is a very anxious type. The family made many attempts to help, and now it’s my turn. We will begin with the stories and later on we will also do yoga together. I think it will be fun. I suggest people to download this book, as it’s very useful reading not only for mothers but for grandmothers as well.


In general I am open to all kinds of new methods but it’s quite difficult to gather the pieces of information from multiple places. I am happy to read so many useful tips all at one place. My five-year-old is very active, and it’s hard to decide if this is caused by anxiety or whether he’s just being energetic. We will take it slowly and try everything together. We already love the stories.


I work as a caretaker at a kindergarten and I also have two sons, so I thought that I already knew a lot about children. I started reading curiously and this book gave me various new perspectives. I will surely give a try to meditation with my kindergarten group too.