I had my grandchildren in my mind when I downloaded the book. I don’t like the thought that during their adulthood how many things on Earth could change, not to mention the lives of their children and grandchildren. It is our duty to do as long and as much for our planet as we can. We started the project with a big conversation and it was shocking to see how open they were and how this topic touched them. Now we are gathering the necessary supplies and we will try everything one by one. It may take more than four weeks for us but, after all, the goal is to turn as many things as possible into habits, right?


We moved into a house with a garden a year and a half ago and I’m proud to say that we are already composting, collecting rainwater, growing plants and of course collecting garbage selectively. But we want to be even more aware, so there was no question that together with the kids we will start this 28-day challenge. We’re only in week 1 but we flipped through the whole book and we’re already sure that we are going to learn a lot of new things. The charity aspect is very nice and we’re very happy that we could help someone with our purchase!


I am a kindergarten teacher and have been practising recycling with kids for many years. We have a lot of raw materials in our environment that can be revived and we don’t necessarily have to buy expensive new stuff. The kindergarten has a small garden, and now we got a bunch of new tips to try there as well. I believe that it is very important to teach children from a young age the small things they can use to protect the environment. I recommend this practical little manual to all my colleagues!


I’m not saying we haven’t paid attention to our environment so far, but this programme opened my eyes to a bunch of new things. The best part is that we can really start a more conscious life with little things, and together with the kids we can see how we were polluting the Earth. We already collected waste selectively, drank from a bottle, but now we’ve got a bunch of helpful guides that we’ll introduce step by step into our everyday lives. Thanks for the great ideas!